Renting a Mobile Home

What You Should Know: Renting a Mobile Home

Renting a Mobile Home

When it comes to retirement, where you live is a very important consideration. Many retirees are on a fixed income and are looking outside of the traditional real estate market for affordable and sustainable housing solutions. Mobile homes are growing in popularity as an option for seniors who want to economize and downsize. If you are 55+ and are interested in rental options, The Village of Zephyrhills, a mobile home community designed for seniors and veterans in Zephyrhills, Florida, is here to help!


So how do you decide if renting a mobile home is the right choice for you? At The Village of Zephyrhills, we believe that mobile homes allow you to “Live Your Way.” The first step in doing that is determining what kind of lifestyle you want, what your budget is, and what options are available in your preferred location.


Just like when shopping for any other important item in your life, you must know what you want! Will you be staying there by yourself or with family? How many people will you need to accommodate at any given time? Will be spending time at home, or will you be away most of the time? What kind of community do you want to live in? Do you intend to stay in one place, or do you plan to move around? Which amenities are you looking for and which can you live without? How much do you want to spend on housing each month, and how much will you budget for other activities? The answers to these questions will help you decide which mobile home option makes the most sense for your household.


The cost savings for mobile home residents is a major benefit. On average, people living in mobile homes, regardless of whether they rent or own the unit, spend approximately 40 percent less on housing costs than people living in traditionally constructed homes. By renting in a mobile home community like The Village of Zephyrhills, residents can easily afford other necessities or just enjoy retirement more!


In addition to determining your housing budget, it is also important to research mobile home parks in your desired location. Explore the area to see what amenities, facilities, and events each community has to offer. A site visit or a unit tour will show you if the layout of available units meets your needs and how secure the property is. 


The city of Zephyrhills, conveniently located between Orlando and Tampa, is the ideal place to retire. With its warm weather, low cost of living, pastoral landscape, and relaxed lifestyle, Zephyrhills is the home of many retirement communities and a popular destination during snowbird season!


Also, remember that mobile home communities provide communal living that is different than that of a traditional neighborhood. The physical layout of mobile home parks works to protect the residents. For example, The Village of Zephyrhills was designed to be a safe, secure, and livable community for seniors and veterans – unlike any other in Zephyrhills!


The Village of Zephyrhills offers modern and upgraded one- and two-bedroom mobile homes for rent, along with amenities like free Wi-Fi, a clubhouse, pool, and community activities. With flexible lease terms and affordable monthly rents, you can easily choose the right unit to fit your retirement needs at The Village of Zephyrhills.


After assessing and examining the available options for mobile home rental, all that is left to do is to make your final decision! We believe that The Village of Zephyrhills is the perfect place for seniors searching for a local community to downsize their living space while maximizing their lifestyle. Our residents say that residents say their mobile homes make everything else possible!


For more information about The Village of Zephyrhills or to schedule a tour, contact us at 866-499-9026 or We think you will soon agree that there is no better place to retire than in The Village of Zephyrhills!

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